Charles Gasparino, a senior correspondent for Fox Business, has cast doubts on the financial prospects of XRP (CRYPTO:XRP), highlighting the ongoing regulatory struggles between Ripple and the SEC as a major hurdle for investors.

The potential for the SEC to challenge and possibly reverse a favorable ruling for XRP by Judge Analisa Torres poses a significant threat to XRP's market value and its investors' hopes for wealth generation.

Gasparino points out that any move by SEC Chair Gary Gensler to classify Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) as a security could set a precedent that might unfavorably impact XRP, leading to possible financial losses for its investors.

Amidst the uncertainty over Ethereum's classification, the broader implications for the digital asset ecosystem remain a concern, with XRP caught in a precarious position that could affect its recovery and future growth.

Additionally, Gasparino echoes BlackRock's skepticism towards an XRP ETF, further dampening the outlook for XRP as it faces challenges not only from regulatory bodies but also from influential financial institutions.