FoundationLogic unveiled the ElphaPex DG Home 1 at Mining Disrupt 2024 in Miami, Florida, marking a significant advancement in home mining technology.

This new device operates on the Scrypt algorithm, offering dual rewards in DOGE (CRYPTO:DOGE) and LTC (CRYPTO:LTC) while promising silent operation and low maintenance due to innovative water-cooling technology.

Scheduled for release in Q4 2024, the ElphaPex DG Home 1 features specifications like a 2000M hashrate, 620W power consumption, and 0.31JM energy efficiency.

Industry insiders praised its capabilities, highlighting its appeal to both new and experienced miners.

FoundationLogic's keynote emphasized their commitment to advancing Scrypt mining, positioning the ElphaPex DG Home 1 as a leader in efficient and accessible home mining solutions.