Fortrea Holdings (NASDAQ:FTRE) has announced a pivotal shift in its board dynamics with the resignation of board member Betty Larson, effective as of March 30, 2024.

Larson, who joined the board in June 2023, is stepping down following a significant alteration in her main professional role, in line with the company's Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Larson's departure is not the result of any disagreement over the company's direction, policies, or operational practices.

In response to her resignation, Fortrea Holdings' Management Development and Compensation Committee has opted to expedite the vesting of 6,354 shares of the company's common stock for Larson, which was originally set for July 18, 2024.

The search is now on for a new board member to take Larson's place, as the company aims to seamlessly continue its governance and strategic oversight.

The Board extends its heartfelt thanks to Larson for her valuable service and contributions during her tenure and wishes her well in all her future professional pursuits.