Victoria VR, a virtual reality (VR) developer, has launched an innovative AI builder platform, revolutionising how users engage with virtual reality by allowing the creation of immersive VR experiences and entire metaverses without any need for programming skills.

This development comes as Victoria VR announces its integration with OpenAI, the powerhouse behind the widely-used generative AI tool, ChatGPT.

The collaboration marks the debut of AI-driven virtual reality creation through Victoria VR's platform, enabling users to craft unique 3D VR experiences, games, and applications through advanced AI algorithms.

Adam Bém, CEO and co-founder of Victoria VR, shared with Cointelegraph that this integration not only simplifies the design process but also broadens the potential for generating a variety of new content, including in-game items, virtual accessories, and expansive metaverse platforms, effectively democratising VR content creation.