The chief operating officer of Exchange Art, Larisa Barbu, attributes Solana's recent growth to the community's resilience, a sharp focus on developers, and a strong reaction to key roadmap updates.

Barbu, in episode 44 of Cointelegraph’s "Hashing It Out" podcast, delves into the stunning rise of Solana, a fine art marketplace powered by a high-speed blockchain of the same name that recently collaborated with Ethereum.

With the arrival of 2024, the podcast zeroes in on key narratives likely to dominate crypto-based discussions in the current year.

Barbu provides insights into Solana's resilience despite a market downturn after the downfall of Terra and FTX in 2022.

She observes a rise in activity on the Solana platform beyond mere price action and conjecture, citing the community belief in Solana’s transformative potential as a factor motivating developers to remain and build.