Evan Hansen, co-founder of Factland DAO, views decentralisation as a solution to combat media bias in fact-checking.

On the Agenda podcast, he discussed the evolving concepts of 'truth' and 'fact' in today's divided societies, especially considering the influence of social media on news authenticity.

Despite traditional fact-checkers like Snopes being perceived as impartial, Hansen highlighted that both they and their parent organisations have their inherent biases that can impact their fact-checking process.

During episode 28 of The Agenda podcast, Hansen shared insights on how blockchain technology can unexpectedly play a vital role in fact-checking.

Leveraging his experience in the media industry, he established Factland DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation utilising Web3 technology, in response to the widespread issue of misinformation.

His endeavors are aimed at addressing this challenge by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology.