Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) and fiat currencies face ethical scrutiny, with advocates and critics on both sides of the debate.

While Bitcoin is criticised for its environmental impact and potential for illicit activities, fiat currencies are faulted for their susceptibility to manipulation and inflation.

Charles Adams from Nickel Digital Asset Management argues that Bitcoin's transparency and immutability offer ethical advantages over fiat, despite its drawbacks.

However, Matteo Greco of Fineqia highlights that ethical concerns depend on individual actions rather than the currency itself, with both Bitcoin and fiat capable of misuse.

Caroline Bowler, CEO of BTC Markets, emphasises the importance of fostering transparency and accountability within the financial system, regardless of the currency used.

Sergey Sheleg from Nicegram suggests that true ethical currency lies in implementing safeguards and policies that minimise harm and maximise societal benefits, leveraging the strengths of both digital and fiat currencies for a more equitable financial ecosystem.