Peter Stephens had a change in interests in Etherstack plc on 31/12/2022, as reported in a Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Holder.

The total number of votes attached to all the voting shares in the company or voting interests in the scheme that the substantial holder or an associate had a relevant interest in when last required, and when now required, was as follows: 17,382,587 13.37% in the previous notice, and 11,573,161 8.85% in the present notice.

There were several changes in the relevant interests of the substantial holder or an associate, with consideration given in relation to each change.

Peter Stephens had an indirect ownership of 10,282,838 CDIs over fully paid ordinary shares and a direct ownership of 1,290,323 CDIs over fully paid ordinary shares.

Peter Stephens and any associates were listed with addresses, and the form was signed by Peter Stephens.