Ethena Labs, the creator of USDe (CRYPTO:USDE), is enhancing its synthetic dollar-pegged product by including Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) as collateral, alongside existing support from Ether, Ether-based liquid staking tokens, and Tether.

The addition of Bitcoin is expected to bolster the safety and robustness of USDe, according to Ethena Labs, with the team optimistic about scaling the token's current $2 billion supply.

The decision to integrate Bitcoin into USDe coincides with the product's aim to broaden its reach and stability, highlighting the potential for a 2.5-fold increase in capacity.

USDe, launched on Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) in February, has garnered attention for offering a high annual percentage yield (APY), initially at 27.6% and later surging to 113% before stabilising at 7.15%.

The notable yields of USDe have sparked discussions within the crypto community regarding their sustainability and attractiveness to investors.