Iva Wisher, co-founder of Layer 2 platform Prom (CRYPTO:PROM), emphasises the superior privacy, transaction finality, and efficiency of zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs, despite their setup complexity.

He acknowledges ongoing industry efforts to address usability issues through intuitive interfaces and automation.

Wisher highlights the importance of transparency and dialogue with regulators to avoid legal issues, as seen with Tornado Cash (CRYPTO:TORN) developer Alexey Pertsev.

Prom Zkevm’s focus on account abstraction (AA) aims to simplify blockchain interactions, making them more user-friendly.

He also notes that ZK technology enhances the security of cross-chain bridges by minimising data exposure through mathematical verification, and that the trustworthiness of Web3 organisations should be judged by their actions and commitments, not their profit motives.