In a significant move, nearly $2 billion in Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) previously confiscated by United States authorities from the Silk Road marketplace was transferred to a new address.

The crypto, linked to James Zhong who was convicted in 2022 for wire fraud involving the illicit marketplace, saw a notable transaction on April 2.

A U.S. Justice Department-associated wallet, proven by blockchain data, initially conducted a minor 0.001 Bitcoin transaction to a Coinbase Prime address, likely a test, before moving 30,174 BTC to another address.

This substantial sum, linked to Bitcoin seized from Zhong—who illicitly acquired over 50,000 BTC from Silk Road in 2012—was dispatched to the same destination as the major April 2 transfer.

Zhong’s crypto assets were uncovered during a 2021 raid on his property, even finding a hard wallet concealed within a popcorn tin.