Digital assets rebound with $862 million in net inflows, contrasting sharply with the prior week's $931 million outflows, signaling a cautious optimism in the crypto market.

Spot Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) ETF interest diminishes, with trading volumes falling 36% from March's peak, reflecting a shift in investor enthusiasm despite overall market recovery.

Bitcoin, leading with $863 million in inflows, faces contrasting fortunes as ETF demands surge while GBTC's persistent outflows exert downward pressure on BTC prices.

GBTC continues to impact the market with ongoing outflows, contributing to Bitcoin's recent price drop ahead of the anticipated halving event, amid growing bearish options market signals.

While Ether sees continued outflows, the broader altcoin sector, led by Solana, experiences modest inflows, highlighting a varied investor response across different digital assets amid regional outflow disparities.