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Despite the rise in green energy, coal is not yet dead.

Despite the rise of green energy and a global focus toward a greener future, for the time being coal is not dead.

Australia?s coal export earnings are expected to rise in 2022-2023 to recover around 212 million tonnes, as Asian economies return to normal conditions.

With the Australian government listing 116 major coal and gas projects in the pipeline each valued at more than 50 million dollars, but recent reports suggest Australia?s coal power plants are retiring two-to-three times faster than anticipated.

Standing as the largest coal exporter in the world, it's no wonder why Australia has not signed up for zero carbon emissions by 2050.

But only four mid-tier 50 (MT50) coal miners remain down under, down from six in 2019, and many continue to exit the ?dirty? industry including BHP through the divestment of its Cerrejon & Mount Arthur coal mines.

Looking forward to 2022 it?s looking to be a catch 22; continue dominating global exports of coal or jump on the global green bandwagon.