Metis CEO Tom Ngo highlights the Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) Dencun upgrade as a pivotal moment for blockchain's mainstream adoption, underscoring its potential to streamline transactions for both crypto and traditional financial sectors.

With the Dencun upgrade's implementation on March 13, following Ethereum's significant Merge, the blockchain ecosystem takes a leap towards enhanced scalability and reduced transaction fees, key factors for attracting a broader user base.

The upgrade's focus on minimizing transaction costs across Layer-2 networks addresses one of the critical barriers to widespread blockchain adoption, offering a more user-friendly financial platform where even minor costs are a consideration.

The significant reduction in median transaction fees on some Layer-2 protocols post-upgrade, notably dropping by up to 99% on Starknet, exemplifies Dencun's impact on making blockchain transactions more accessible and economical.

As Layer-2 solutions continue to mature and draw more users and projects, their role in expanding Ethereum's capabilities and fostering a closer integration with traditional finance becomes increasingly evident, with the total value locked in L2s experiencing substantial growth over the past year.