Degen Chain, an Ethereum layer-3 network, has emerged as the leader in transaction speed within the Ethereum ecosystem (CRYPTO:ETH), hitting the highest transactions per second (TPS) over the last 24 hours.

The network's TPS surged by 62% in a single day, reaching 35.7 TPS and surpassing its underlying platform, Base, which recorded 29.7 TPS, as reported by L2BEAT.

This achievement places Degen Chain at the forefront of Ethereum's layer solutions, with Arbitrum One, Ethereum itself, and zkSync Era trailing behind in the rankings.

Despite this high TPS, Degen Chain's average transaction value remains modest, at just $0.27.

This figure starkly contrasts with those of Ethereum and Base (CRYPTO:BASE), which boast average transaction values of $1,867 and $170, respectively.

These statistics highlight Degen Chain's efficiency in processing a high volume of transactions at lower individual values, pointing to its potential for facilitating microtransactions within the Ethereum ecosystem.