Curve’s (CRYPTO:CRV) token fell by 30% in early Asian trading as loan positions tied to its founder, Michael Egorov, faced liquidation, prompting significant selling activity.

Egorov has borrowed nearly $100 million in stablecoins, using $140 million in CRV tokens as collateral, according to data from Lookonchain and Arkham.

His loans span multiple platforms, including Inverse (CYPTO:INV), UwU Lend (CRYPTO:UWU), Fraxlend, and Curve's LlamaLend, leading to a 50% drop in total holdings across his tracked wallets within 24 hours.

To manage the risk, Egorov has repaid several loans using FRAX (CRYPTO:FRAX), DOLA (CRYPTO:DOLA), and CRV tokens and conducted multiple swaps between CRV and USDT (CRYPTO:USDT).

Despite these efforts, the rapid selling pressure continues to affect CRV's market value.