One crypto community member has referred to a market dip as a 'discount', highlighting the strategy of capitalising on low prices by buying more.

Crypto enthusiasts are sharing various strategies to weather the volatility of the crypto market, with methods varying from purchasing more cryptocurrency to employing the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) technique.

This comes in the wake of Bitcoin's dive from just over $48,000 on January 11 to around $38,000 on January 23, a move that left those who purchased at the January 2024 high with a 21% loss.

Trader Moe Iman pointed out the merits of dollar-cost averaging (DCA), an investment strategy that mitigates volatility's impact by spreading the total investment over multiple asset purchases.

He stressed the importance of "taking profits on the top" and advised against becoming too attached to holdings, to allow for strategic liquidation and re-entry at more profitable times.