Crypto data aggregator CoinMarketCap has unveiled a plugin for ChatGPT, which offers real-time updates from the platform.

The plugin will be free of charge and will be developed alongside the ChatGPT Plus feature, allowing users to query the AI on various crypto-related questions.

This means that there is no additional fee required to access the plugin, aside from the $20 monthly subscription for ChatGPT Plus accounts.

The upgrade addresses the limitations of the basic ChatGPT version, which only provides restricted data access up until September 2021.

CoinMarketCap disclosed that their latest addition is capable of answering questions related to Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the impact of token distribution models on observed price volatility.

With the introduction of the new feature, ChatGPT will source prompts directly from CoinMarketCap, offering real-time information including listings, gainers and losers, and the latest blockchain statistics.

Other exchanges have also been exploring AI technologies, such as Binance, the owner of CoinMarketCap, which has launched an AI-powered non-fungible token generator, and Bitget, which has integrated an AI-powered feature into its grid trading strategies.

In a similar move, NASDAQ has received approval for a patent application that combines AI with blockchain technology to enhance information distribution and storage.