CoinGecko, a premier digital asset data aggregator, recently unveiled a significant upgrade to its service by enhancing its API coverage to accommodate 2.2 million tokens across 2.5 million liquidity pools.

This development marks a strategic move to streamline access to on-chain data from decentralised exchanges (DEXs), simplifying the process for the community.

The announcement is timely, following several key developments in the decentralised finance (DeFi) sector, including Aave's deployment of its lending protocol on the BNB Chain, which was highlighted by the BNB Chain Core Development Team as a step forward in enabling developers to build applications leveraging Aave's liquidity.

These advancements come amidst a flourishing DeFi landscape, where CoinGecko’s efforts to augment API coverage significantly benefit users by providing enhanced access to vital on-chain data.

The broader implications for the DeFi space, particularly in terms of accessibility and the potential for innovation, are substantial.