A deceptive digital yuan app, designed to imitate the official version closely, has been exposed by a WeChat post from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Anti-Fraud Special Class.

This fake app not only simulates the look of the true digital currency app but also introduces subtle discrepancies meant to deceive users, ultimately facilitating the theft of their money and sensitive information.

This Trojan Horse version is cunningly designed to resemble its authentic counterpart, but with noticeable variances such as a distinct logo outline, different user interface, name, version number, and an altered MD5 message-digest algorithm identity.

The aim is to mislead users while avoiding immediate detection. Furthermore, the app is equipped with mechanisms to "pull dividends" by collecting sensitive user data.

It employs a fake customer service feature that redirects users to less common social platforms, a tactic used to confiscate users’ funds more efficiently.