The Cosmos-native blockchain, Canto, is making a transition to Ethereum by becoming a layer 2 zero-knowledge rollup on the Ethereum network.

This move aims to leverage Ethereum's liquidity and provide Canto with enhanced security, decentralization, and trustless guarantees. Nevertheless, the platform's validators and staking system will remain unchanged.

Several other projects, including Astar, Gnosis Pay, Palm, and IDEX, have also announced plans to build ZK layer 2 solutions using Polygon's Chain Development Kit to connect with Ethereum.

However, not all protocols are moving toward Ethereum, as decentralized exchange dYdX and Ethereum-native protocol Maker plan to explore more efficient chains like Cosmos and Solana.

Additionally, OnChainMonkey NFT collection is migrating its assets from Ethereum to Bitcoin for increased security at the base layer.