Byte Federal, a key player in financial technologies, has launched ByteConnect, a cutting-edge point of sale (POS) system tailored for Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) acceptance, marking a significant expansion of its services.

Lennart Lopin, co-founder and CTO of Byte Federal, emphasises the importance of sound money in societal progress, underlining ByteConnect's role in introducing Bitcoin to foster freedom and creativity globally.

ByteConnect, after a successful beta testing phase, is now available across most of the United States, with plans for further expansion as Byte Federal secures additional licenses and services.

Michelle Weekley, Director of Product Development at Byte Federal, highlights the demand for tools like ByteConnect, offering comprehensive merchant solutions to transact independent of legacy financial systems.

Kenneth Shortrede, Senior Software Engineer at Byte Federal, underscores ByteConnect's global impact, particularly in regions like Argentina, where it addresses challenges such as inflation and traditional payment hurdles, offering a decentralised Bitcoin-based alternative for faster, cost-effective transactions.