The government of Buenos Aires is introducing a new decentralized digital identity system through an application built on Matter Labs' zkSync Era rollup technology.

This initiative in Argentina's capital is underpinned by a decentralized digital identity protocol called QuarkID, with some of its technology originating from the local startup, Extrimian.

QuarkID claims to help users in maintaining control over their personal data and the management of their certificates, especially when interacting with public services.

It leverages Matter Lab's ZK rollup, zkSync Era, which utilizes blockchain as a settlement layer. This means that documents processed within the system rely on zero-knowledge proofs to ensure their accuracy.

Starting in October, residents of Buenos Aires will have the opportunity to download the QuarkID wallet and obtain essential personal identification documents like birth and marriage certificates.

The following month, the system plans to expand and include proof of income and certificates of academic attendance, which will be prerequisites for accessing certain benefits.

The Buenos Aires government said it aims to onboard 2.5 million citizens onto the QuarkID wallet system.