In a surprising turn amid June's crypto market turmoil, baby boomers have emerged as stalwart holders of Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC), challenging stereotypes of risk aversion in this demographic.

Despite Bitcoin's $10,000 price drop fueled by Mt. Gox repayments and other factors, spot Bitcoin ETFs saw steady inflows, totaling nearly $15 billion year-to-date.

This resilience defied expectations of panic selling, especially among younger investors, highlighting a growing maturity in the market.

Eric Balchunas, a Bloomberg ETF analyst, noted the unexpected stability in Bitcoin ETF flows during the downturn, suggesting a shift in investor behavior towards long-term holding strategies.

This trend indicates that boomers, traditionally cautious about new asset classes, are embracing Bitcoin's potential for high returns and institutional credibility.

The steady flow into Bitcoin ETFs during a period of market correction signals a broader acceptance of cryptocurrency's volatility and a strategic shift towards enduring investment strategies.