Boeing (NYSE:BA) announced on Tuesday that it delivered 24 commercial airplanes in May, a significant drop from the 50 jets delivered in the same month last year.

This reduction is part of Boeing's ongoing efforts to slow down its assembly line to address and complete outstanding work, particularly following quality concerns.

The aircraft manufacturer has been under heightened scrutiny from regulators since a mid-air incident on January 5 involving a 737 MAX 9 jet, where a door plug blew out.

As a response, Boeing has reduced the production of its MAX single-aisle jets to enhance manufacturing quality.

In May, Boeing delivered 19 MAX jets—up from 16 in April but down 45% from the 35 jets delivered in May 2023.

According to a report in April, Boeing's monthly output had dropped to as low as single digits in late March, significantly below the Federal Aviation Administration-imposed cap of 38 jets a month.