In the latest VC Roundup by Cointelegraph, a spotlight is cast on a variety of blockchain ventures including Monad, Auradine, Sapien, HYCHAIN, Web3Firewall, and Alpen Labs, illustrating the rejuvenated interest of venture capitalists in the crypto domain.

This surge of investment is introducing fresh liquidity into the market, notably through alternative financing routes for emerging startups, including grants and node sales.

Among the initiatives benefiting from this trend is Seamless, a Base-native (CRYPTO:BASE) lending platform, which in collaboration with layer-3 Degen Chain and the semi-fungible token protocol Pandora, is set to distribute close to $600,000 in grants.

These grants are aimed at supporting creators and developers venturing into the innovative realms of Base, with a focus on those exploring Farcaster and Degen Chain development or ERC-404 technology for their collection and memecoins, demonstrating a growing ecosystem of support and opportunity within the crypto startup landscape.