Bitwise's Chief Investment Officer Matthew Hougan forecasts a massive $1 trillion inflow into Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) via ETFs from institutional investors, marking a significant milestone for cryptocurrency adoption.

Despite Bitcoin's price volatility, Hougan advises investors to maintain a long-term perspective, highlighting key events such as the Bitcoin halving and potential ETF approvals as pivotal moments for the crypto market.

The recent green light for spot Bitcoin ETFs has already sparked interest among professional investors, with Hougan predicting this trend will gradually attract trillions in management, reshaping the investment landscape.

With $12 billion already flowing into Bitcoin ETFs at their launch, a mere 1% allocation from global wealth managers could escalate this figure to $1 trillion, underscoring the growing acceptance and integration of Bitcoin into traditional finance.

Hougan suggests that the crypto community might need to wait until December for the launch of spot Ethereum ETFs, allowing more time for the traditional financial sector to familiarize themselves with Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.