Bitpay has partnered with Moonpay to enable users to sell crypto assets directly through the Bitpay app, offering a seamless experience.

Users can now sell various crypto assets, including BTC (CRYPTO:BTC), ETH (CRYPTO:ETH), LTC (CRYPTO:LTC), and stablecoins like DAI (CRYPTO:DAI) and USDC (CRYPTO:USDC), among others, via the Bitpay app's integration with Moonpay.

Bitpay emphasised the convenience and security of selling crypto assets through the app, highlighting its fast and easy process.

The collaboration with Moonpay follows Bitpay's recent announcement of enabling users to use supported crypto assets to pay mortgage lenders, signaling the platform's continuous expansion of utility.

This partnership aligns with Moonpay's recent collaboration with Paypal, further expanding the accessibility and usability of crypto assets for users.