Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) Layer2 project BEVM has secured investment from Bitmain, a major player in cryptocurrency mining server manufacturing.

The exact amount of the investment from Bitmain remains undisclosed, but this marks Bitmain's first venture into the Bitcoin Layer2 domain.

BEVM, founded on the Taproot Consensus and utilising BTC as Gas, aims to explore Bitcoin hashrate and PoW ecosystem applications, potentially facilitating the migration of significant assets to its network.

With features like Schnorr Signature, MAST, and Bitcoin Light Node Network, BEVM enables decentralised BTC cross-chain functionality, fostering genuine BTC liquidity circulation and integration into various applications.

BEVM's mainnet launch attracted over 700,000 user addresses and hosted more than 30 ecosystem projects, signaling significant growth and potential in the Bitcoin Layer2 space.