Bitlight Labs has launched Bitlight Wallet, the inaugural self-custodial Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) wallet supporting RGB assets, marking a significant milestone in the RGB protocol ecosystem.

Bitlight Wallet, currently in its closed beta testing phase, boasts features such as Bitcoin transfers, RGB20 asset transfers, and a testing network registry for RGB20 assets.

Within 48 hours of its release, Bitlight Wallet garnered over 200,000 registered addresses, showcasing organic growth and market enthusiasm for the RGB protocol ecosystem.

Bitlight Wallet's public testing precedes the official release of the RGB protocol version 0.11, which will integrate seamlessly with Bitlight Wallet for storing, displaying, and trading RGB assets on the Bitcoin mainnet.

As a key member of the LNP/BP Association, Bitlight Labs has contributed significantly to the development of the RGB protocol, ushering in a new era of scalable and confidential smart contracts for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.