Bitcoin's (CRYPTO:BTC) potential for growth beyond basic transactions is explored through the concept of programmability, aiming to rival Ethereum's (CRYPTO:ETH) smart contract functionality.

Projects like Arch and Layer 1 Foundation are spearheading efforts to enhance Bitcoin's core blockchain with greater flexibility for creating tokens, smart contracts, and decentralised applications.

Kyle Samani, co-founder of Multicoin Capital, emphasises the significance of this development, envisioning a future where Bitcoin's programmable platform opens doors for diverse applications.

Despite scepticism from some, such as former BTC core developer Jeff Garzik, proponents believe that Bitcoin's DeFi ecosystem could become a major driver of growth, potentially leading to a significant price surge.

With Bitcoin trading at $67,300 and showing signs of upward movement, the community eagerly anticipates the impact of this programmable revolution on the cryptocurrency's trajectory.