In the past, 5,000 BTC could barely fetch you a pizza; fast forward to today, and it has a valuation towering over some nations.

As of March 4, Bitcoin's value stabilised over the weekend, flirting with its all-time U.S. dollar high of $68,991, and marked a valuation of $66.5K.

This surge pegs Bitcoin's total market cap at a staggering $1.31 trillion, nudging it past the total circulation of Swiss Francs, and hypothetically placing it as the 13th largest fiat currency globally in terms of market capitalisation.

With 19,644,462 bitcoins currently in circulation from an algorithmic cap of 21 million, Bitcoin's model ensures that it may never be fully mined due to the specific calculations of mining rewards.

This scarcity mechanism feeds into its value, cementing its position not just as a digital currency but as a potential new form of global financial architecture.