Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) stands on the verge of recording its longest period of consecutive monthly gains, eyeing an unprecedented eight-month rally that started in September 2023.

The cryptocurrency's persistent climb has seen its value soar to $70,000, fueled by investor optimism and substantial stablecoin inflows hinting at a robust buying interest.

Historical patterns suggest that after Bitcoin's previous seven-month winning streak in 2012, a slight correction followed, yet the current momentum indicates potential for continued growth.

The significant influx of USD Coin (CRYPTO:USDC) into Coinbase, totaling $1.4 billion, underscores the heightened liquidity and investor readiness to engage in the market, potentially easing Bitcoin's path to new highs.

With the upcoming Bitcoin halving poised to decrease the daily production of BTC, enhancing its scarcity, the market anticipates further bullish trends, reinforcing Bitcoin's status as a resilient and ascending asset.