Bitcoin Runes, a protocol for creating fungible tokens on the Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) network, is set to launch alongside the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

Despite its potential to broaden Bitcoin's utility, early trading of Runes may resemble the volatility seen with memecoins, according to DeFi researcher Ignas.

Ignas suggests that Runes' full market potential may not be realised immediately due to an initial lack of utility in enhancing the trading of BRC-20 tokens.

The anticipated decline in Rune floor prices after launch could be attributed to factors such as the tokens not immediately improving the BRC-20 token trading experience and potential increases in Bitcoin transaction fees, which may deter small traders.

Navigating this initial volatility, the Runes market may stabilise and realise its full potential over time, depending on its ability to transition from early adopter fascination to genuine utility and market stability.