The Bitcoin Decentralised Application (DApp) ecosystem has seen a significant renewal thanks to innovative native protocols like Ordinals and Inscriptions.

This revival is evident in the success of omnichain yield-generating protocol SolvBTC, which has remarkably secured a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $700 million.

This value comes from its yield-bearing Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) minted across multiple chains, including Arbitrum (CRYPTO:ARB), Merlin, and BNB Chains.

Shortly after its launch this month, SolvBTC boasted over 10,000 BTC staked and drew in more than 92,000 participants, according to the developers.

SolvBTC's founder, Ryan Chow, emphasised that this liquidity revolution is just a stepping stone towards a broader explosion within the Bitcoin financial ecosystem (BTCFi).

With plans to expand across additional networks, SolvBTC aims to forge stronger connections between BTC users, chains, and protocols.

The approach underscores a broader trend within the Bitcoin DApp sphere towards greater innovation and interconnectivity.