's decentralised exchange, Verse DEX, has launched the wZANO-USDT farm, offering up to 150% APY.

This initiative integrates the privacy-focused ZANO (CRYPTO:ZANO) token into the ecosystem, providing users with high yields and robust privacy features.

Yield farming and liquidity pools like wZANO-USDT on Verse DEX contribute to the decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem, fostering liquidity and enabling seamless trading.

While wZANO doesn't retain native ZANO's privacy characteristics, it provides access to Verse DEX farms, allowing users to maximise their crypto investments.

Zano's ecosystem prioritises privacy, security, and scalability, with recent developments like the Zarcanum hard fork enhancing its features.

The integration of privacy-focused digital assets like ZANO into mainstream platforms sets new standards for financial sovereignty in the digital age.