A senior Binance executive, detained by Nigerian law enforcement, has taken legal action against the country's anti-corruption agency, alleging a breach of his fundamental rights.

The lawsuit demands the court to recognise the confiscation of his passport as an infringement of his right to personal freedom, emphasising the gravity of the situation.

Tigran Gambaryan's legal battle highlights his and Nadeem Anjarwalla's plight, who was also detained but managed to escape custody, showcasing the tension between the crypto exchange and Nigerian authorities.

The executives' detention stemmed from allegations of Binance's involvement in local currency speculation, charges the company vehemently denies, pointing to broader regulatory and operational challenges in the crypto space.

In addition to seeking his freedom and the return of his passport, Gambaryan is calling for a public apology from the Nigerian government and a court order to prevent further detention, underlining the ongoing legal and diplomatic friction.