BHP Group has docked employee incentives worldwide due to failures in meeting internal targets for costs, production, safety, and gender equity.

Over the past 48 hours, tens of thousands of workers were informed that they would receive only 80% of the short-term incentives for 2023-24.

Workers in BHP's Queensland coal division were singled out, receiving just 70% due to downgrades in sales guidance and a fatality at the Saraji mine.

Short-term incentives, which can amount to 15% of salary, were cut by 20%, saving BHP tens of millions of dollars. The team cited the death of Luke O'Brien at the Saraji mine in January, along with cost and production misses, as significant factors.

Failure to meet gender equity targets also contributed to the reduced incentives. Despite doubling female employees to 35.2% by June 2023, BHP failed to meet its gender growth target for 2023-24.