The Bank of New York Mellon (NYSE:BK), one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States, is rebranding itself as BNY, CEO Robin Vince announced in a memo to employees on Tuesday.

This change includes new block-lettered signs featuring the three-letter name across its major offices.

Founded 240 years ago by Alexander Hamilton, BNY has grown into a powerhouse overseeing $48.8 trillion in assets and serving as a custodian for other financial institutions.

As the longest continuously operating company in New York City, its establishment predates even the signing of the U.S. constitution.

Since taking the helm in March 2022, Vince has revitalized the company by bringing in new leadership and driving growth in areas such as real-time payments and artificial intelligence, while also boosting efficiency.

This rebrand, the first since it streamlined to BNY Mellon 17 years ago, follows a trend toward brevity on Wall Street as decades of mergers and acquisitions have led to increasingly lengthy names.

The company also introduced a new teal arrow logo to accompany its all-caps name, which is already a familiar shorthand in financial circles.

Several divisions will adopt the new branding, including BNY Investments, BNY Wealth, and BNY Pershing.

To celebrate the launch, the bank is rolling out new branded merchandise, such as sweatshirts.

Despite the rebranding, the legal name of the company will remain The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.