In a surprising turn of events, the Bald (CRYPTO:BALD) meme coin's value skyrocketed by 60% after the developer annihilated 600 million tokens, removing a whopping 60% of its total supply from circulation.

Following a notorious rug pull incident that left the community in shock, the Bald coin's recent token burn has stirred intense speculation and debate about the developer's true intentions and the coin's future direction.

The ripple effect of Bald's dramatic token reduction was felt across the cryptocurrency market, with several other meme coins on the Coinbase Base network witnessing significant price jumps.

Amid the market excitement, concerns linger about the potential volatility and risks associated with meme coins, highlighted by the Bald developer's previous actions.

As the Bald meme coin's sudden price surge captures the attention of the crypto world, investors and enthusiasts are closely watching the developments, pondering the long-term impact on the meme coin landscape.