The enticing prospect of mining virtual Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) for a daily reward has captivated 2 million players, suggesting that even minimal incentives can drive significant engagement in the digital realm.

Ava Labs, the entity behind Avalanche (CRYPTO:AVAX), has ignited a debate within the Web3 gaming community by asserting that games built on blockchain technology fall short of expectations, challenging the current trajectory of game development.

By advocating for a return to traditional game development practices, Ava Labs employs a bold marketing tactic, critiquing the state of Web3 gaming to pique interest and stimulate discussion among gamers and developers.

This unconventional approach, suggesting that Web3 games are inferior, has sparked widespread conversation, putting the spotlight on the challenges and opportunities facing blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

Ava Labs' strategy, while risky, raises important questions about the future of gaming and blockchain integration, encouraging a critical examination of Web3's value proposition in creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences.