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Australasian Gold Ltd (ASX:A8G) discovered high-grade lithium at Mt Peake.

Australasian Gold Limited (ASX:A8G) has announced the discovery of high-grade lithium within pegmatite at its Mt Peake lithium project in the Northern Territory.

Following the announcement, shares in Australasian Gold Ltd surged 8.46% to $0.70/share.

When a mining company announces a new resource discovery it?s exciting times for shareholders.

A lot of capital goes into exploration and when a new deposit is found there?s usually a share price boost.

Discovery is the reward stage for investors, particularly of junior mining stocks, searching for undiscovered deposits of natural resources.

When discussing new resource discoveries it?s beneficial to know the difference between greenfield and brown exploration.

Greenfield exploration is looking for mineral deposits in areas that have not been explored.

In brownfield exploration deposits are being sought near or next to an already existing mine.

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