ApeBond (CRYPTO:ABOND), a leading decentralised finance (DeFi) platform, has announced its expansion to the Base blockchain, marking a significant milestone in its Bonds platform journey.

Scheduled for launch on July 2nd, this integration on Base aims to enhance scalability and accessibility for DeFi enthusiasts.

ApeBond's expertise in treasury management will empower projects on Base to diversify their assets effectively, reducing risk and fostering growth.

The expansion includes partnerships with pioneering projects like Sophiaverse (CRYPTO:SOPH), Base Mafia, Token DAO, SmarDex (CRYPTO:SDEX), and Super Best Friends (CRYPTO:SUBF), highlighting a diverse range of DeFi innovations.

Concurrently, ApeBond is launching a campaign on Farcaster to engage the community and gather feedback, reinforcing its commitment to building a dynamic DeFi ecosystem.