Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk (Pt) (ASX:ATM) announced financial results for the quarter ended 30 September 2022.

ANTAM?s booked unaudited ferronickel production volume within the first nine month period of 2022 (9M22) at 18,088 ton nickel within ferronickel (TNi), with unaudited ferronickel sales volume amounted to 17,269 TNi.

In 9M22, ANTAM?s unaudited nickel ore production amounted 6.22 million wet metric ton (wmt), which was used as ore feed for ANTAM?s ferronickel plant as well as being sold to domestic market. ANTAM?s unaudited nickel ore sales in 9M22 reached at 4.75 million wmt.

ANTAM record unaudited gold sales figure in 9M22 reached of 25,931 kg (833,701 troy oz), with unaudited production volume amounted to 967 kg (31,090troy oz).

In 9M22, ANTAM?s unaudited bauxite production volume amounted 1.34 million wmt, which was used as ore feed for alumina production and as well as being sold to the third party customer. Meanwhile, the unaudited bauxite sales volume in 9M22 reached 935,518 wmt.

Improvement of ANTAM?s Corporate Credit Outlook in 2022.

ANTAM Conducted Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders year 2022.

Following the announcement the company?s share price unchanged.