SlowMist, a blockchain forensics firm, has called for increased transparency from decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) following suspicious fund transfers linked to AssangeDAO (CRYPTO:JUSTICE).

The concern arose after a transaction of 100 Ether (CRYPTO:ETH) was traced from AssangeDAO’s address to a potentially affiliated individual on March 10, hinting at a potential "soft rug pull."

SlowMist highlighted the need for investors to exercise caution and thoroughly vet AssangeDAO before getting involved, given the ambiguous nature of the fund's movements.

AssangeDAO, which emerged in 2022, gained notoriety for its mission to support Julian Assange, the Australian activist behind WikiLeaks known for exposing secret information from anonymous sources.

The organisation's recent financial activities have sparked debates on the necessity for greater clarity in DAO operations to ensure investor trust and security.