Amplia Therapeutics completed patient recruitment for the Phase 2a stage of its ACCENT clinical trial examining narmafotinib, also known as AMP945, in conjunction with standard chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer patients.

The Phase 2a portion, totalling 26 patients, evaluates the efficacy of narmafotinib combined with gemcitabine and Abraxane.

The move follows the Phase 1b trial completed in November 2023, which determined a safe and well-tolerated 400mg daily oral dose of narmafotinib preceding chemotherapy.

The ACCENT trial employs Simon’s two-stage trial design, which entails an interim analysis at 26 patients. If six or more show partial or complete responses, the trial will proceed with an additional 24 patients, totalling 50.

The trial spans six Australian and five South Korean sites.