Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced an expansion of its free credits program for startups, a strategic move aimed at encouraging the use of its artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Bedrock, among emerging businesses.

In an effort to enhance its market share in the AI sector, AWS will now allow startups to apply cloud credits toward the usage of major AI models from various providers, including Anthropic, Meta (NASDAQ:META), Mistral AI, and Cohere.

Howard Wright, Vice President and Global Head of Startups at AWS, emphasized the initiative as a boon to the startup ecosystem, intended to solidify AWS as the preferred cloud services provider among startups. 

This expansion follows Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) $4 billion investment in Anthropic, executed through convertible notes.

As a condition of this investment, Anthropic has committed to utilizing AWS as its primary cloud provider and will employ Amazon's Trainium and Inferentia chips for the development and training of its AI models.

Over the past decade, Amazon has provided over $6 billion in credits to support startups.

These credits can be used for AI models, and Amazon's proprietary chips, addressing the potential financial burden startups may face due to the costs associated with AI usage.