Airbus has marked a significant achievement in the first quarter by delivering 142 aircraft, showing a 12% increase compared to the same period last year, according to industry sources.

Despite the uptick in deliveries, which matched the performance level of the first quarter of 2022, the European aerospace giant fell slightly short of its internal expectations by approximately half a dozen aircraft.

The company has maintained silence over its quarterly delivery figures and typically refrains from publicizing specific targets for such periods.

However, Airbus has set an ambitious goal of 800 aircraft deliveries for the year 2024, underscoring its confidence in ramping up production and meeting global demand.

Challenges have not been absent, with the aerospace manufacturer facing delays, particularly in its wide-body jet deliveries, attributed to a shortage of seats.

Additionally, customers have been informed about expected delays in the delivery of the narrow-body A321 aircraft.

Despite these hurdles, Airbus continues to lead as the primary supplier of the in-demand narrow-body jets, especially after regulatory actions limited the production of its main competitor, the Boeing 737, following safety concerns.

Airbus is expected to provide a more detailed update on its delivery performance and outlook on April 9.