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What to expect on the ASX today

The ASX Futures is trading up 35 points, or 0.5% higher ahead of the market open in Sydney.

It follows the Dow Jones, which rose 0.8% to finish the trading up 272 points to close at 34,098 points.

Earlier, markets in Europe had a strong session as London’s FTSE and Germany’s DAX finished the trading day higher.

The Australian dollar is buying 66.13 US cents.

Gold is trading at US$1,988.85 per ounce.

WTI Crude oil is selling for US$76.40 per barrel, while Brent oil is trading at US$79.87 per barrel.

The spot price for iron ore is US$105.00 per metric tonne and one bitcoin is worth US$29,390 going into the Asian trading day.

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