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What to expect on the ASX today

The ASX Futures is trading down 19 points, or 0.3% lower ahead of the market open in Sydney.

It follows the Dow Jones, which fell 1.02% to finish the trading down 345 points to close at 33,531 points.

Earlier, markets in Europe were mixed as London’s FTSE fell while Germany’s DAX finished the trading day higher.

The Australian dollar is buying 66.36 US cents.

Gold is trading at US$1,997.70 per ounce.

WTI Crude oil is selling for US$77.34 per barrel, while Brent oil is trading at US$80.93 per barrel.

The spot price for iron ore is US$109.50 per metric tonne and one bitcoin is worth US$28,260 going into the Asian trading day.

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